Why “Pure is Simply Better”


“Bee cause pure is simply better”, it’s our tagline for a reason. Honey is the third most adulterated food product worldwide. In 2018, it was ranked behind only milk and olive oil. The ease with which starches from corn and rice can be converted into sugars has resulted in a massive increase in adulteration of honey. Using export data, it has been shown that despite little change in hive numbers, some countries have more than doubled their export of so-called “honey”. That data suggests that 25% to 40% of what is called honey in the world is actually fake.

It’s shocking to think that the honey you are buying might not be pure honey. This is another reason why supporting your local honey farm is a good idea. We take honey straight from the hive, nothing added or subtracted just pure goodness. 

Sources: True Honey Buzz The Conversation CBC 



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