Terms & Conditions

Please review these Terms & Conditions prior to making payment. 

GIFTS & CONSUMABLES Terms & Conditions: Purchases of food, consumables and cosmetics (including lotions, serums, salves, venom, and lip balm) are a FINAL SALE. 

Please inspect your purchases and let us know immediately of any defects in the products.  We will happily replace anything that isn’t as it should be within 7 days of delivery.
If you have any questions regarding our policy please email us at lindsay@countrybeehoney.ca, or call us at 250-580-0263.

Should you place an online order, then later contact us to cancel the order after we have prepared it for shipping or pick-up, a restocking fee of $0.60 per item will be charged.

GLASSWARE & HONEY IN JARS Terms & Conditions: Please note that glassware and honey in jars are typically non-insurable items and ship fully at customer risk.

RETURNS Terms & Conditions: Upon the items safe return to our store, we can issue a refund for the relevant item. We will not provide any refund or compensation for the cost of the shipping to return the item except in circumstances where the item was determined to have been shipped defective. A restocking fee of $0.60 per item will be charged. 

SHIPPING ADDRESS Terms & Conditions: Customers are responsible for providing full and accurate shipping addresses. Shipping addresses will be used as provided for shipping purposes, and any shipping issues such as returns, losses or damages due to incorrect shipping addresses occur at the cost of the customer. If a parcel is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address and as such requires us to pay for return shipping, we will require payment to cover this additional cost before re-shipping the parcel to the correct address. If parcels are lost due to an incorrect shipping address being provided, we will not provide a refund for the items or for the shipping cost. If an incorrect address is provided any damages occur to the parcel while shipping to this address, the cost of which exceeds any applicable insurance provided by the shipping service provider, we will not provide any refund for those damages.

If a correct shipping address has been provided and Country Bee Honey Farm Inc. ships your order incorrectly, we will assume full costs for returns or the re-shipping of your order; in cases where this for some reason results in us being unable to provide the products ordered, we will issue a full refund for those items and will also provide a full or partial refund for shipping where appropriate. However, where we provide a customer with shipping confirmation and/or tracking information, and the parcel does not arrive in a reasonable time frame or has not arrived but is marked as delivered by tracking services, customers must notify Country Bee Honey Farm Inc. within 1 week of the expected delivery time to allow us to attempt to correct the mistake in an efficient manner.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Terms & Conditions: Please be aware that we do not readily have available reference for international customs information related to shipping outside of Canada, and we presume that the buyer is familiar with any importation restrictions with regards to the product.

If the shipment is either returned or otherwise confiscated due to restrictions on importation to the country in your shipping address we do not assume responsibility for its non-delivery, and will not refund the cost of shipping. If the order is returned to us, we will refund the cost of the order minus any additional charges incurred by us for the item’s return.

By proceeding with payment Country Bee Honey Farm Inc. takes you to have agreed with the above outlined Terms & Conditions.