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    Apple Pie Infused Honey 250g

    Apple Pie Infused Honey

    There is nothing better than the taste of apple pie! Savour this honey on brie cheese, glazed on ham, or drizzled on vanilla ice cream. Made from local organic dried apples, Ceylon cinnamon, and infused for six months.

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    Blackberry infused honey 250g

    Blackberry Infused Honey

    This is for the people that love real fruit flavour. Use this delicious blackberry honey in place of your everyday jam, and don’t worry about seeds in your teeth! Spread on toast, drizzle on cheese, or pour it on top of your morning latte. Taste the infusion that makes it feel like summer again.

  • Coffee Infused Honey 250g

    Coffee Infused Honey

    We work with our local bean experts, Level Ground, to produce this sweet and aromatic Coffee Infused Honey.  It’ll give your morning coffee a little boost, toast an extra hit of aroma and desserts a unique and flavorful layer.

  • Creamed Cinnamon Honey

    A piece of toast with this honey spread across it is amazing! This honey has a delicate cinnamon flavour to it and a no-drip, smooth texture. The honey gets its creamy texture from naturally getting crystallized, maintaining small sugar molecules. Due to it already being crystallized it won’t harden if it’s on your shelf for some time. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  • Creamed Honey

    Naturally crystallized, maintaining small sugar molecules to give it the soft, smooth, creamy texture you know and love. Great on toast, in hot drinks or on a spoon. This no-drip honey is delicious. Produced from Alberta beehives.

  • Hot Pepper Infused Honey 250g

    Hot Pepper Infused Honey

    Our infused honeys are made on the farm. We take local habanero peppers, dry them, and then infuse them into our Blueberry Honey for 3 months. The honey pulls all the delicious flavours and oils out of the the peppers. It warms your mouth and gives a nice heat, but not too hot. This is one of our personal favourites. We put this sh#t on everything! Try it on cheeses, in marinades, or drizzled over apple pie and ice cream. The choices are endless.

  • Manuka Honey Wedderspoon

    Kfactor 16 Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey is known for its strong earthy flavour and many health benefits. It is used at the onset of a cold, just a teaspoon can relieve symptoms. Use it on cuts and burns to help heal and repair. the skin. Customers often use this honey on their pets as effective product for healing wounds and illnesses.

  • Lavender Infused Honey 250g

    Lavender Infused Honey

    We infuse our local Blueberry Honey with local Lavender grown on the farm to create this delicious Lavender Infused Honey. This honey is excellent used on scones or in teas. Makes a delightful simple syrup for cocktails or lemonade. Try it drizzled over baked fruit or brie.

  • Lemon Ginger Infused Honey 250g

    Lemon Ginger Infused Honey

    This infusion is sure to soothe that pesky cold. Mix it in your tea or stir into hot water. It’s also great made into a simple syrup and added to soda water for a refreshing summer beverage. Pairs well with cheeses, grilled chicken and seafood.

  • Smoke Infused Honey 250g

    Smoke Infused Honey

    Every chef needs a jar of this, it’s amazing. We love it on salmon, soft cheese, charcuterie boards, meats and marinades. It took us a year to figure out the secret to making it so amazingly smokey.

  • Spiced Rum Infused Honey 250g

    Spiced Rum Infused Honey

    If you’ve enjoyed our Whiskey Infused Honey then you better try this one too! We pour our delicious honey into locally sourced spiced rum barrels and add a menagerie of spices to enhance the flavour, then age them for three months minimum. Delicious on cheese, desserts or on a spoon.

  • Whiskey Infused Honey 250g

    Whiskey Infused Honey

    We take used Whiskey barrels from DeVine Vineyards and fill them with our Blueberry Honey. Then we age the honey for 5-6 weeks. The honey pulls moisture out of anything surrounding it, including the wood. The wood starts to crack and the honey starts leaking out, that’s when we know it’s done. You’ve never tried anything like this before. Try it on cheeses, paired with desserts, or in your morning coffee. The opportunities are endless!