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Mason Bee Chalet Kit


This popular mason bee chalet is made from beautiful Westen Red Cedar. The overhanging roof shelters the nesting tubes and cocoons from the rain while the attic provides a sheltered space to place your new cocoons. The awesome nesting blocks are great for easy cleaning!! Read more about mason bees here

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The Chalet includes reusable wood nesting trays with 8mm size nesting holes that mason bees prefer, or as an option you may substitute 6mm size nesting holes that Leafcutter bees prefer. Wood trays retain nesting scents to attract next years nesting bees and are easy to open for a quick harvest of the bee cocoons.  

There’s a routered keyhole groove in the back for easy

Actual product dimensions: 9.5″L x 10″H x 10.5″W.


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