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Leafcutter Bee House With Nesting Tray


Crafted from durable high quality wood, this bee house is the perfect nesting habitat for summer leafcutter bees. This leafcutter bee house is ready to be stained, varnished, painted the colour of your choice or left to weather naturally. The house includes reusable wood nesting trays with the 6mm size nesting holes that summer leafcutter bees prefer. The trays are easy to open to remove the leafcutter bee cocoons and the structure will save you time while cleaning. Read more about leafcutter bees here.

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House dimensions: 9″L x 10″W x 9.5″H.

Reusable 78-Hole Wood Tray size: 3 1/2″ H x 5 1/4″ W x 6″ D


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