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Jentle Soap provides custom soap creations, and created the Naked Honey line for us; rustic soaps made with honey, beeswax and pollen from their own urban apiary near downtown Victioria.

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The Salish Sea soap is a customer favourite. To make this soap Jen takes a trip to the beach to collect fresh seaweed, blackberry leaves, Salish Sea brine, and sand. The blackberry leaves are washed and pureed, the Salish Sea brine is left to grow salt crystals after it’s been boiled and filtered, she washes the seaweed, and the sand is baked and sifted. This soap is a true representation of  beautiful Vancouver Island. 

Especially for the holidays we now have a new scent in stock: Cathedral Grove! Cathedral Grove is one of the most beautiful ancient Douglas Fir forests on the island, where the air carries a fresh and natural perfume. Our new soap was created with this landmark in mind. Fragranced with with Douglas Fir essential oil and sweet orange to add that bit of sunshine to the scent. Next to many other natural ingredients this soap contains pine tar, known for its antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Pine resin was also added to the formula for its additional skin healing qualities. These special ingredients make this soap very soothing for troubled skin. A must have!

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