Beeswax Wrap Making Kit


Looking for something to do at home? You can now make your very own beeswax wraps with this kit. This kit contains: 100g of pre-mixed wrap wax cubes. The wax cubes already contain local beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil.

This kit will make about eight 10″ x 10″ wraps. All you need is an iron, parchment paper, 100% cotton fabric and pinking shears (not totally required but we do recommend using them). It’s simple!

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Click here for instructions on how to use this kit.

Beeswax wraps provide a secure seal on Tupperware containers or you can use them to wrap your cheese or cover cut apples. Really, it can be used in place of anything you use saran wrap for!

How long does it last?  WELL… Beeswax and tree resin basically last forever and jojoba oil is really plant wax (rather than an oil) with an indefinite shelf life. So keep your unused wax in a cool area and use as needed. After a lot of use (and we hope you use your wraps tons) they may not stick the same as they once did. You can add a new layer of wax to them to make it sticky again. Just be aware that you don’t need to use as much wax to “recharge” an old wrap.

As product is based on weight, packages may differ slightly in size. Organic products are used, so colour may differ from batch to batch as well. 


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