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    Bumblebee – Herbal Tea

    A beautifully flavourful and aromatic tea, naturally caffeine-free with hints of luscious mango, citrus and honey. Makes a wonderful iced tea – sunshine in a cup!

  • Coastal Winter Mint Tea - Queen Bee Farm

    Coastal Winter Mint – Herbal Tea

    A cup of sweet cooling mints, with subtle hints of orchid, vanilla and citrus. This organically grown mint tea can be described as icy mist, rainforest, fresh!

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    Honeybee – Green Tea

    A rich and flavorful cup with nuances of rare fruits, floral nectars, and honey.  Makes a wonderful iced tea – Liquid Gold!

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    Lavender Lady Grey – Black Tea

    Ultimate fragrant black tea! Classic sweet, citrus taste of bergamot followed by the subtle flavour and scent of lavender. Lavender fields at sunset!

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    Rose Queen Tea - Queen Bee Farm

    Rose Queen – Green Tea

    Like walking into a rose garden! This full leaf Chinese green tea has delicious hints of citrus and sweet grasses and a subtle flavour and aroma of roses.

  • Sakura Blossom Green Tea - Queen Bee Farm

    Sakura Blossom – Green Tea

    A fragrant cup of tea with a smooth, fruity sweetness of ripe, juicy red cherries. This tea has delicate, floral, grassy notes. Organically grown – Full leaf Sencha green tea.

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    Solstice Apple Chai – herbal tea

    The perfect tea to cozy up with as you savour the aromatic flavours of rare heritage apples, classic Chai spices, with a hint of decadent vanilla bean & orange. Our blend is made with Honeybush, so it is naturally caffeine free!

  • Victoria Fog Tea - Queen Bee Farm

    Victoria Fog – Herbal Tea

    This original honeybush blend contains creamy rich vanilla bean with hints of cooling mints, lavender, and bergamot orange. 100% Natural & Organically Grown Ingredients. Caffeine free.