Specialty Products

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  • urban bee honey farm product photo

    Beeswax Wrap

    Do your part and use Beeswax wraps in place of saran wrap. Made locally in Victoria B.C. with local beeswax, tree resin and Jojoba oil. They provide a secure seal on tupperware containers, wrap your cheese or cover cut apples. … Read More
  • Honey Caramels

    This is the tastiest treat you’ve ever had!! Made with honey caramel and cocoa nibs, it’s a treat to savor! We’re not sure if one bag will be enough. Made locally and in support of PHS Community Services Society.
  • Country Bee Honey farm product photo

    Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps

    These 100% natural wraps are a great replacement for saran wrap. They provide a secure seal on Tupperware containers, or you can use it to wrap your fruit and sandwiches. Made locally in Victoria, B.C. and completely biodegradable. The pine … Read More