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  • bat box

    DIY Bat Box Kit

    Did you know that bats can eat up to 1000 bats in an hour! And over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers. With this kit you can assemble your own bat habitat. It includes a pre-cut wood structure and screws for assembly. Set your bat house up at the beginning of April or at the end of summer.

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    insect habitat

    DIY Wildlife Insect Habitat Kit

    A perfect project for you and your child. This kit includes a pre-cut wood structure and bamboo tubes to build your own insect habitat. Designed to attract bees, ladybugs and other beneficial insects.

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    insect hotel

    Insect Hotel

    Provide a safe habitat for beneficial garden insects with this insect hotel. This hotel attracts spring mason bees, ladybugs, butterflies and tons of other little creatures that you want to have in your garden. Mason bees can pollinate up to 1500 blossoms per day! Sturdy pine construction.

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    Summer Leafcutter Bee attractant spray

    Leafcutter Bee Attractant Spray

    A natural pheromone attractant spray for summer leafcutter bees. It will make your leafcutter bee house smell like home to them. Comes with natural reeds that you can place in your bee house next to your other nesting materials. 

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    Pollinator Bee Chalet without block

    Leafcutter Bee Chalet

    This popular summer leafcutter bee chalet is made from beautiful Northwest cedar. The overhanging roof shelters the nesting tubes and cocoons from the rain while the attic provides a sheltered space to place your new cocoons. Read more about leafcutter bees here.

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    Leafcutter bee house Yellow

    Leafcutter Bee Home

    This chalet is the perfect shelter for your leafcutter bees to build their nests. Safe from predators thanks to the yellow guard. This house includes a nesting block with 6mm diameter openings for summer leafcutter bees and a wooden dowel for harvesting cocoons. 

    Note: The predator guard on the house you will receive is yellow.

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    Leafcutter Bee House Front

    Leafcutter Bee House With Nesting Tray

    Crafted from durable high quality wood, this bee house is the perfect nesting habitat for summer leafcutter bees. This leafcutter bee house is ready to be stained, varnished, painted the colour of your choice or left to weather naturally. The house includes reusable wood nesting trays with the 6mm size nesting holes that summer leafcutter bees prefer. The trays are easy to open to remove the leafcutter bee cocoons and the structure will save you time while cleaning. Read more about leafcutter bees here.

  • Leafcutter Bee Nesting Tubes

    Leafcutter Bee Nesting Tubes

    These summer leafcutter bee nesting tubes are easy to open when harvesting your bee cocoons in the spring. The diameter of the tubes is 6mm, to the preference of summer leafcutter bees. Made from 100% recyclable paper, free of plastics that trap moisture.

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    Mason Bee Observer

    Leafcutter Bee Observer

    Our leafcutter bee observer makes it easy to peek into the secret life of these gentle bees. This nesting tray is easy to install and a fun way to learn about summer leafcutter bees. Place inside your bee house and watch them build their nesting chambers and laying eggs through the clear window.

  • mason bee castle side view

    Mason Bee Castle

    We recommend getting a mason bee castle if you have 60+ mason bee cocoons. This solid cedar house provides enough nesting holes for 60 female spring mason bees and is easy to clean. The wooden predator guard will keep your bees safe. Turn the lever and slide the guard out to access the nesting trays. The attic provides enough space for safe storage of your cocoons.

    This is the perfect castle for large gardens, small orchards and mason bee enthusiasts. 

  • bee house Red

    Mason Bee Home

    A protected place for you mason bees to build their nests thanks to the blue predator guard. This home has everything you need to provide your spring mason bees with a cozy nesting place, including nesting trays for 30 mason bees.

    Note: The predator guard on the house you will receive is blue.

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    mason bee reeds

    Mason Bee Reeds

    These natural reeds are 6″ long with varied hole sizes from 7 to 10 mm. The slight size variation gives a female bee the choice of a nesting hole that is just right for her. These reeds are hand gathered and cut so that each reed has a node at the back preventing parasitic wasps from entering it.

    Easy to open at harvest time, and perfect for spring mason bees, other hole nesting bees as well as beneficial pollinating wasps.

    Package contains 25 reeds.

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    Mason Bee Tubes with paper

    Mason Bee Tubes

    These mason bee tubes with inserts make it easy to harvest your mason bee cocoons and save them for the next year. The inserts are disposable and you can reuse the bee tubes that are made from 100% recyclable paper (no plastics that traps moisture).

  • Pollinator Bee Observation Hive

    Pollinator Bee Observation Hive

    Always wondered what happens inside a bee hive? This pollinator bee hive will give you the opportunity to watch them up close while they build their nests. This viewing home is made for for spring mason bees and solitary summer bees.

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    Wild Bee Motel front view with blocks

    Wild Bee Motel

    Curious about wild bees in your neighbourhood? Try our new wild bee motel, designed to attract and support the existing bee population around us.

    Each kit includes a chalet house, pheromone attractants, 70 beetubes in assorted sizes, 40 easy to clean natural reed tubes in assorted sizes, and 2 wooden boards for carpenter bees (who are able to buzz-pollinate tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cranberries).

    A great experience! Just set up neat your flowers and get to know your native bees.