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    Gift Box Bear

    Gift Box – Bear

    Are you looking for Christmas gifts for staff, friends or kids? This is the box for you! The bear-shaped honey jar is gives a unique twist to this gift box, and the Honey Sticks are a kids favourite. 

    This box includes:

    • 1 265ml Bear-shaped jar of Prairie Wildflower Honey.
    • 1 Sugar Cookie from Amanda’s Cookie Creations.
    • 2 45ml jars of Infused Honey.
    • 5 Flavoured Honey Sticks.

    Note: Flavours, cookie designs, box design and colour of ribbon may not be the same as in the photograph shown. They vary per box depending on availability. 

  • Honey Sampler Giftbox

    Honey Sampler Gift Box

    Not sure which of our honeys to pick? This gift box is a great way to sample some of our most popular honeys.

    Includes: 4 45ml jars of honey.

    Note: The honey flavours vary per box.

  • Honey Towers

    Honey Towers

    These sampler honey towers are a great way to taste your way around some of our most popular honeys.

    Includes: 3 45ml jars of Canadian honey.

    Note: The types of honey and ribbon colour will vary per package.