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    Long Table Dinner

    SOLD OUT—–Join us at Country Bee Honey Farm for our first long table dinner with Chef Paul Gill from Sutra Foods. Chef Paul will be cooking up an Indian inspired family style meal, including an appetizer, four entrees including vegetarian … Read More
  • Urban Bee Hive Tour

    A hands-on tour of the honey farm with one of our master Beekeepers. We will get you outfitted into a beekeepers suit and take you to explore the hives. We’ll begin by lighting the smoker to calm the bees, then we’ll head into the hive. You’ll see frames of baby bees, honey, pollen and live bees.  Explore population dynamics and how the colony works. Meet the queen bee and maybe even see a baby bee being born! You’ll taste honey and pollen straight from the hive and join us for a honey tasting of some of our unique honey.  Taste and understand the intricacies of honey, have an eye-opening discussion about honey from here and all over the world.

    Tours are for ages 12 and up. Maximum number of participants 8 people, minimum of 4 people. If the tour does not reach its minimum numbers we will cancel the tour with 48 hrs notice.