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  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    Beginner Guide to Beekeeping

    The Backyard Beekeeper, An absolute Beginners Guide, 4th Edition. This is the revised and updated edition. A great book for beginner beekeepers or even for those that have been doing it for years. This book offers information on everything from … Read More
  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    The Bee Book

    Discover the wonder of the bee and how to protect them for generations to come.  This is an amazing new book that quickly became another one of our favorites!  Available in hardcover only, and adorned with gold foiled letter.  Even … Read More
  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    Victory Gardens

    In our opinion, this is the best book written for those that want to plant gardens to attract pollinators.  You don’t have to own a beehive to help save the bees, do it by planting flowers that feed them!  This … Read More