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  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    Beginner Guide to Beekeeping

    A great book for beginner beekeepers or even for those that have been doing it for years. This book offers information on everything from hive assembly, to pest management to melting beeswax. Every beekeeper should have a copy!

  • Sunshine and Pollen: The Life of Mason Bees

    Sunshine and Pollen: The Life of Mason Bees

    This kids book will give you a peek into the life of a mason bee. Full with beautiful and informational animations.

    Did you know that there is a wild animal that lives right in your backyard, and it is so gentle it will sit on a child’s finger? Did you know this animal has been keeping plants going from one year to the next since before people even existed? Did you know that it needs help, from you? The mason bee is one of thousands native pollinators that the circle of life depends upon. It is gentle, and beautiful, and easy to love. And it has a story to tell!

  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    The Bee Book

    Discover the wonder of the bee and how to protect them for generations to come. This is an amazing new book that quickly became another one of our favorites!

  • the bees in your backyard

    The Bees In Your Backyard

    Discover which bees are living in your backyard. This book is an amazing guide to North America’s bees. A must have for any nature enthusiast. 

    Authors: Joseph S. Wilson & Olivia Messinger Carril

  • Urban Bee honey farm book

    Victory Gardens

    In our opinion, this is the best book written for those that want to plant gardens to attract pollinators. You don’t have to own a beehive to help save the bees, do it by planting flowers that feed them! This book has so many awesome little tidbits, recommended for any gardener or bee enthusiast.