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  • Royalty Cream Let It bee

    Bee Royalty Hydrating Lotion

    A light, quick absorbing, silky smooth moisturizer ideal for applying in the morning before makeup. With a light lavender scent and all-natural ingredients, combined with the collagen boosting properties of Royal Jelly, this hydrating lotion is sure to become your new favourite!

  • Black Ointment with Propolis

    Black ointment is used to relieve rashes and pruritus (itchy skin) associated with chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.


    Ingredientschickweed, comfrey, lobelia, marshmallow root, red clover, golden seal, chaparral, oak bark, bee propolis, pine tar, olive oil, beeswax, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.


    Size: 60ml.

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    Clear Lips

    Clear Lips Lip Balm

    This vanilla flavoured naturally hydrating lip balm will nourish your dry lips and get rid of painful cracks. Made with our own local beeswax.

  • Propolis Ointment

    This is a great product for dry cracked skin. Propolis helps with healing. Also for minor rashes and as a skin moisturizer.


    Ingredients: Bee Propolis, Olive Oil, & Beeswax.


    Size: 60ml.

  • Bee venom ointment (venex)

    Venex Bee Venom Ointment

    The most active ingredient in Venex ointment is bee venom. Bee venom contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to decrease inflammation of the skin. It can also benefit people with rheumatoid arthritis. Venex ointment stimulates the skin to produce extra cortisone. This helps speed up the healing process in a natural way.