Bee Pollen

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  • Urban Bee Honey farm product

    Bee Pollen

    Local bee pollen is an amazing product from the hive that everyone should be enjoying! It has more protein than any animal product, and contains all the minerals your body requires. Pollen must be mixed with honey and left to … Read More
  • Energy Plus 500g

    Energy plus contains pure unpasteurized honey, bee pollen, and propolis. Give your body a kick of energy with this delicious combination. These products have been used for centuries as nutritional supplements for immune system support. Put a scoop in your … Read More
  • Vitality 500g

    Vitality contains pure unpasteurized honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. This combination provides you with all the benefits of the beehive, this includes; all 28 minerals your body requires, up to 25% protein and vitamins. Great for vegetarians. Put … Read More