Our Bees are hungry! Here’s how you can help!

A couple of seeds go a long way…


All of our local friendly bees are running out of food! In the surrounding peninsula, the majority of land is being used by hay farmers that don’t provide flowers for the bees. This means that our bees have to fly so much farther to find nectar and pollen for their hives.

An easy way to fix the food shortage is to plant more flowers!

Which is why we are now carrying West Coast Seeds, Garden Blends.

These bags carry wildflower seed blends that attract and feed bees and lots of other pollinators too!

And check out our new video

In case you want to do some bee-friendly planting but aren’t quite sure what to get.

Check out some of the flowers we have on the farm to give you some ideas and helpful information about what’s going to help our hungry little friends.

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