Local honey as a seasonal allergy relief

Spring has officially started! This means beautiful flowers, lots of food for our bees, but also those all-too-familiar allergy symptoms. This year you can say goodbye to watery eyes, itchy skin and runny noses. All thanks to your local honey. I can hear you thinking: “How can honey help with this?” Well, not all honey can help ease your seasonal allergy symptoms, but local honey can! And this is why…

How does it work?

All honey contains a minuscule amount of pollen, as does your local honey. The pollen that floats in the air and cause your symptoms, also reach the honey bees when they’re flying around looking for their next meal. A very small amount of pollen molecules stick to the hair on their bodies and will drop into the honey when they go back to their hives and deposit it. Ingesting this pollen will help your body get used to the pollen in your area and will help ease your allergy symptoms. Think of it as a natural, delicious flu shot!

Honey from another area can contain different pollen’s than the pollen that you’re reacting to in your town, which is why it’s important that you get honey from a local area to help relieve your allergy symptoms.

Our neigbourhood honey

We currently have nine kinds of Small Batch Premium honey that are extracted from neighborhood hives around the Saanich Peninsula: honey from the Sea Cider Farm, the Lavender Farm in Sidney, Conway Road, Central Saanich Road, 10 Acres Farm, Lucile Drive in Brentwood Bay, Marsh’s Organic Farm, Stewart’s Berry Farm, and from our property on West Saanich Road.The taste of each is very different, so give us a call to see which one we have at the moment or drop by the store and try them yourself.

Do you have allergies that aren’t caused by pollen? Try easing your symptoms with Propolis. Read more on this “bee-glue” with many benefits here.

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