Farm Fresh Pork

Farm fresh pork, raised right here on our own farm. Our pigs are fed fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms, mash from de Vine Vineyards, and hormone, GMO, and antibiotic FREE grain.

Cost: $5/lb hanging weight (sides will weigh approx. 100-140lbs) + approx. $150-$225 butcher cost (cut and wrap).

Processing info: The farm fresh pork will be butchered at Hidden Valley Processing by John Grady, the head butcher of the Red Barn in Mill Bay.

Available: Available at the end of October. We will be contacting everyone near the end of September with a cut sheet and to go over any questions you may have. A delivery date will then be set with you for pick up. Please note; we require all orders to be picked up the day agreed on due to lack of refrigeration space.

Deposit: $200 will be payable in the store and required to hold your order.

Contact info: You can reach our store on: 250-580-0263 or email Jason at

Farm fresh pork