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Become a volunteer! We plan to do some pretty amazing things at the farm next summer, and to make it all happen we need your help in the spring again.

Over the last two years we’ve been working on a new part of our farm called ‘The Field Of Dreams’. Our goal is to create a 6 acre field full with vibrant wildflowers for the bees and the public to enjoy. In the spring of 2020 we started preparing our fields for planting, we turned them over, and over in an attempt to kill the majority of the weeds. Then we sowed each 40 foot section with a different type of pollinating flower. The vision was beautiful…but the reality of our nutrient rich soil was that weeds love it as much as the flowers do! Instead of fields full of colour and food to feed our bees, we ended up with tons of weeds.

At the end of that summer we harvested as many of the seeds as we could from our fields, so that we could reseed this year. And it was awesome! To get the fields blooming with all the nectar-rich wildflowers the bees need, a lot more preparation and weeding is required in the spring. As we are a small business with only a handful of staff, we are looking for volunteers to help us create this beautiful pollinator paradise again in the upcoming year. Volunteers will be required to bring their own hand tools and gloves, and be over the age of 14 years old, or accompanied by an adult if they are between 8-14 years old. Volunteer days will be anywhere from 2-4 hours long.

Before we can start seeding, the old plants and weeds need to be removed from the field. This is what you’ll be doing together with farm staff.

We’ll have multiple volunteer days from May 2022 all the way into September 2022. Sign up to become a volunteer to stay up to date on the volunteer dates.

Everyone above the age of 8 years old! The pollinators need all the support they can get. No specific skills are required, but keep in mind that this is physical work. Children between the age of 8-14 have to be supervised by an adult. This volunteer opportunity can also be used by youth as part of their work experience for school.

By filling out the form below you sign up to become a volunteer. We will contact you with detailed information when the volunteer dates and times are set. We understand you might not be available on certain dates or maybe you only want to volunteer once. It’s all possible! All we ask is you let us know if you will be attending on the date we set. 

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