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Around the farm?

Vancouver Island Christmas Trees

Local Christmas Trees

November 28, 2020 is an extra festive day at our farm, as we start selling freshly cut Christmas trees! Lighten up your living room with a Christmas tree that was grown right here on Vancouver Island. Available in a wide variety of sizes, and ranging in price from $25 - $85.

Farm Fresh Turkey

Christmas Turkeys

Place your order now for a farm raised Christmas turkey! All our turkeys are free range, and fed only hormone and antibiotic free food. Perfect for a delicious family Christmas dinner. We expect our birds to weigh between 18-20 lbs. Cost: $5.50 /lb.

Petting zoo

Petting Zoo

While the flowers in our gardens are starting to bloom, our animal collection is expanding. Our furry family is made up of sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, rabbits, quail, and pheasants. We have a food dispenser that takes quarters.



Are you looking for a honey treat to enjoy at one of our picnic tables? In our cafe you'll find delicious creations from Mosi Bakery. We offer vegan and gluten friendly options. Thirsty? Grab one of our refreshing iced drinks from the fridge or try a tasty Elixir beverage.

Observation Hive

Observation Hive

Observe the bees depositing pollen from our pollinator garden, creating honey right in front of you, and watch the queen lay her eggs. The observation hive located by the pond, next to the farm animals, is great for teaching your kids about bees in a fun and memorable way.



Did you know we have honey on tap in our store? You can Bring Your Own Jar, and get as much of our delicious honey as you'd like. You help the environment by reusing your jars, and save a couple dollars in the process! Give us a call to see which honey we have on tap today.

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden

During the spring and summer months our pollinator garden is in full bloom. The nectar and pollen from the vibrant flowers that grow around the store serve as an energy and protein source for our bees. Take a look at the variety flowers in this gallery


Flower Field

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to stop and smell the flowers... and that is exactly what you can do here. We have been creating a Wildflower field to help you escape your busy life, and enjoy nature's beauty. In the summer of 2021 you can wander through these upper gardens!

Farm Fresh Pork

Happy Livestock

Seasonally we offer farm-raised poultry and pork. Our poultry is free range, hormone free and delicious. As is our pork, raised on whiskey mash, local farm produce, and grains FREE of hormones, GMO's, and antibiotics. We're happy to say that we raise happy livestock!