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Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps

These 100% natural wraps are a great replacement for saran wrap. They provide a secure seal on Tupperware containers, or you can use it to wrap your fruit and sandwiches. Made locally in Victoria, B.C. and completely biodegradable. The pine … Read More

Manuka Honey: What’s the Buzz About?

Manuka Honey: What’s the Buzz About? The Origin of Manuka Honey Manuka honey is a specialty honey that is created by honeybees that pollinate New Zealand’s indigenous Manuka bush (Leptospermum scopariu). To ensure the honeybees feed mainly off the nectar … Read More

Corn on the Cob
Recipe: Grilled Corn on the Cob

Recipe: Grilled Corn on the Cob This season we are carrying sweet and juicy Peaches & Cream corn from Sluggett Farms in Brentwood Bay, Victoria. It’s freshly picked every day, and tastes amazing on the BBQ. Try this simple recipe … Read More

Around the farm

Are you looking for a honey treat to enjoy at one of our picnic tables? In our cafe you’ll find delicious creations from Mosi Bakery. We offer vegan and gluten friendly options. Thirsty? Grab one of our refreshing iced drinks … Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Too early to plan for Thanksgiving? Think again! You can’t start preparing early enough for a delicious family dinner. We are now taking reservations for our farm raised Thanksgiving Turkeys. They are free range, and fed only hormone … Read More

Queen Bee: Head of the Hive

Queen Bee: Head of the hive Every bee colony has one bee that is instrumental in everything that happens within the hive, this is the queen bee. As the only female bee with fully developed reproductive organs, she has the … Read More

Berry jam
Recipes for Berry Jams

Recipes for Berry Jams Berry picking season is around the corner, and what better way to use them than in honey sweetened jam? We selected three easy berry jam recipes for you that require only a couple ingredients.  Strawberry Jam … Read More

Crunchy Granola
Recipe: Crunchy Honey Granola

Recipe: Crunchy Honey Granola Are you looking for a delicious, healthy breakfast treat? This recipe for honey granola contains lots of nutritional seeds, crunchy nuts, and fruit. The dates and honey will provide you with that little bit of sweetness … Read More

Bee Pollen: What is that stuff?

Bee Pollen: What is that stuff? Bee pollen is essential for young bees, but it can also be very beneficial for you. You just need to know how to access all the nutritional properties that bee pollen contains, and that … Read More

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