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Simplicity Serum
Miiko Simplicity Serum

A light moisturizing serum for sensitive skin types and people with an aversion to scents. Keeps the skin hydrated without any added essential oils. … Read More

Golden Serum
Miiko Golden Serum

This serum acts as a daily moisturizer for dry, mature skin. It absorbs quickly and offers visible hydration in a matter of days. Rich earthy notes of frankincense, carrot seed, and ylang-ylang.… Read More

Apple Toner
Miiko Apple Toner

A facial toner for acne-prone, oily skin types. This fine mist spray helps to balance pH, minimize breakouts and heal blemishes. Calming hints of lavender and rose, blended with the key ingredient: apple cider vinegar.… Read More

Vanilla Body Oil
Miiko Vanilla Body Oil

A daily body moisturizer, perfect for after the shower. A light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. Intoxicating aromas of vanilla, citrus, and lemongrass.… Read More

Miiko Face Wash
Miiko Honey Face Wash

This Honey Face Wash is great for people with acne-prone, oily skin types. use daily to remove dirt, face make-up, and to help minimize breakouts. Has delicious aroma’s of mild citrus, honey, and coconut.… Read More

Honeycomb Trivet

This honeycomb trivet with a bee on top is perfect for protecting your kitchen or dinner table from scalding hot dishes or cookware – and doing it in style.… Read More

Gift Box
Gift Box – Bear

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for staff, friends or kids? This is the box for you! The bear-shaped honey jar is gives a unique twist to this gift box, and the Honey Sticks are a kids favourite. 

This box includes:

  • 1 265ml Bear-shaped jar of non-flavoured Honey.
  • 1 Sugar Cookie from Martha’s Delectables.
  • 2 45ml jars of Infused Honey.
  • 5 Flavoured Honey Sticks.

Note: Flavours and cookie designs may not be the same as in the photograph shown. They vary per box.… Read More

Produce Bag
Organic Produce Bags

A healthy way to shop for produce with a lightweight, drawstring carrier for fruits, veggies and more! Simply place the produce into the mesh bag at the market or store and then place in the fridge at home. Perfect for storing onions, garlic and potatoes too.… Read More

Shea Butter
Organic Shea Butter

This Organic Shea Butter is handmade by Millstone Farm & Organics Inc. to preserve healing properties. 

Anti-oxidant rich and high in vitamin A and E. Absorbs quickly. Its healing properties are nature’s miracle for wrinkles, dry skin, sunburns, chapped lips, dermatitis and eczema. It has proven effective for treating acne. It also reduces inflammation and itching caused from bug bites or stings. Outstanding healing properties for animals as well when rubbed on their wounds or rashes.… Read More

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