Country Bee Honey Farm

Saanich Peninsula Honey

At Country Bee Honey Farm we pride ourselves on our amazing honey, delicious infusions, farm raised livestock, and unique gift ideas. Our Premium Honey is collected from nine different locations around the Saanich Peninsula. Who knows, our bees might be making honey from your backyard! No extraction tastes the same, and neither is your experience when you visit the farm. But one things is certain… there is always something exciting to see at Country Bee Honey Farm!


In 2015 Jason and Lindsay took a hard look at their big city life and it was abundantly clear they weren’t living the life they wanted. So they took a giant leap of faith and purchased an 11 acre farm in the town that Lindsay grew up in.

If you’ve driven by the property you’ll notice that there is a lot going on, and a lot more to come. We have beautiful walking gardens, animal pens for the kids, and picnic tables for you to sit and enjoy a coffee and honey treat at. Come into our store to try all the fabulous honeys we have. The honey tasting bar is full of delicious choices.

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Learn more about our world. In our education item we answer all of your bee and honey related questions. We give you an inside look of our bees, beneficial plants for pollinators, and delicious recipes made with honey.

Are you the proud owner of  a leafcutter bee house or are you thinking about getting these gentle bees? We give you all the must knows about how to get started with leafcutter bees.

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local honey


We have a wide variety of honey in store. Try the Premium Honey from one of our nine yards around the Saanich Peninsula. Or give a twist to your  meal with one of our housemade Infused Honeys.

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We believe natural honey bee products contain healing components. Our collection of apitherapy products inlcudes Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis, Bee Venom, and New Zealand’s Manuka Honey. 

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To ensure we always have enough beeswax on hand, we have partnered up with some amazing local beekeepers. Our beeswax is a mixture of wax from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.

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